When using a proxy site you want to remember that all your data bits are going through an untrusted third party. Because of the extra hop, you shouldn't type any sensitive personal information like your credit card number or email address. Someone in the middle might be trying to snoop on your conversations! Nobody likes that so make sure to protect yourself by using a SSL proxy. Whether you are at school, work, or home you can count on being able to bypass any internet restrictions with a proxysite.

Secure Sites with SSL Encryption (https)

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The oldest and easiest way to protect yourself from a man-in-the-middle trying to snoop on your traffic is to encrypt the stream with Secure Sockets Layer, known as SSL. Unfortunately SSL is dated and weaknessess are showing, like the recent HEARTBLEED and POODLE vulnerabilities. Luckily we have a replacement system already in place. The upgraded newest way to transfer data securely is Transport Layer Security, known as TLS. Regular users wont notice the difference unless you look under the Certificates Details tab in your browser. To make sure your communications stay private look for the little golden padlock symbol next to a https:// site.