Have you ever been blocked out of a Youtube video? Maybe it says "This video is not available in your country"? Well then you are in luck! By watching the video with the help of a web proxy located in United States, you will be able to bypass any geographic restrictions also known as IP Geolocation. A Proxy makes it easy for you to watch any video online. All you need to do is type the name of the website and click on "Go", and our proxy will get the video from the other site and display it to you. The other site will think you are connecting from USA and will show the video without any problems! That is amazing! The best part is that its totally FREE!

Proxies Listed by Speed (fastest sites at the top)

Added URL SpeedHits Script Country

Zooooooom so fast! That is the sound you want to hear when visiting a proxy site. You dont want to wait for pages to load or for buffering Youtube videos. We think the best sites are the FAST PROXIES. Every hour we test and check that every site on the list is online. We measure the time it takes for our system to connect to the webproxy. Using this data we can show you the most fastest sites. Some sites take less than a tenth-of-a-second to load! Wow that is fast! The first page shows you a list of the fastest proxy sites.