Browse the internet for free via a proxy server. Its great for Youtube, Facebook, or your favorite site. Web proxies allow you to unblock any internet restrictions and defeat web site blocking policies. Protect your privacy by using any of the proxies from this list. We check them hourly to make sure they working. Whenever you are browsing in an unsafe place like corporate network, or university network, or even sometimes at home it is important to take protections seriously. With the help of a proxy server you can stay one step ahead of anyone who is trying to track you online.

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Add a proxy list to your arsenal to prevent the tracking websites, bad cookies, web bugs, word macros, or DOS viruses! They'll never be able to infect you through a proxyserver! Twice per day we rotate all the sites the list, where the oldest site rolls over and goes back to the top of the list at the newest place. This ensures that all proxy sites get a similar amount of traffic and exposure at the top of the list. This page shows all the newly listed fresh proxies that have been posted in the last couple of days.