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unblock website is a website unblocker free proxy site To unblock blocked websites at school,work and unblock all sites.Learn how to unblock blocked websites.

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This proxy was first added to the list 32 weeks ago on 2018-09-08 21:48:18 and offers SECURE access via SSL (https). The last time we checked this proxysite was 56 mins ago at 2019-04-21 11:11:17. It has been verified that it works and is currently online.

Script uses the PHProxy script to provide your proxy services.

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Since the last rollover it has been visited 61 times. This is rollover number 1 for this site. Since the proxy was first added, the total lifetime number of hits is: 136. This is a popular site with our users at Welcome to The Best List for Free Proxysites!!

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We check all proxies regularly for Uptime and Site Availability every 60 minutes. proxysite has been tested 4709 times, and was detected online 4700 times. This site is online 99.8% percent of the time.


The speed of the proxysite the last time we checked was 0.481 sec. This is a very fast proxy and ranks highly on our list!

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